replica designer backpacks No. Long haired Syrian hamsters (aka teddy bear hamsters, and a few other nicknames) do not need haircuts. And since the creatures have to constantly move around, it is probably not wise to try it. The US Australia investigation used computer technology to create 3D images of the vessel, which was used by Mr Cook to travel to Australia and the South Pacific almost 250 years ago.They believe the British purposefully sank the Endeavour during the American War of Independence.Cook Islands may soon no longer exist at least by that name.The Pacific nation, a popular destination for beach lovers and scuba divers about 5000km east of Brisbane, is looking to ditch its name to remove the association with its namesake, Captain James Cook, and replace it with something more reflective of its indigenous quite happy to look at a traditional name for our country which more reflects the true Polynesian nature of our island nation, Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown said, according to Radio New Zealand.The committee has a list of 60 possible names nominated by the public and hopes to settle on a shortlist next month for government consideration.The names being considered so far reflect Christianity, Maori heritage and national pride.must also be easy to say, Danny Mataroa, who heads the name change committee, said.It’s looking for something that reflects its indigenous identity. Picture: Cook Islands TourismSource:SuppliedPrevious attempts to change the name of Cook Islands a self governing territory with political links to New Zealand have been unsuccessful.Citizens voted to keep the name, taken after James Cook who first arrived there in 1773, in a national referendum in 1999.But Mr Mataroa said while previous attempts to change the name mainly involved the main island of Rarotonga, where 75 per cent of the population lived, this time it involved traditional leaders from all 12 inhabited islands.Cook Islands have a long history with name changes.Historians believe Cook Islands were first inhabited by Polynesians from Tahiti in the 6th century.Spanish sailor Alvaro de Menda a de Neira sighted the islands in 1595 and named them Bernardo or Saint Bernard.Then in 1606, the first European to step foot on the islands, Portuguese navigator Pedro Fernandes de Queiros, renamed the region Hermosa or Beautiful People.The country wants to shed its colonial past. Picture: AAP/Flavio BrancaleoneSource:News Corp AustraliaCaptain Cook visited in 1773 and 1777 and renamed the islands Islands Islands became the current name around the 1820s.Cook Islands became a British protectorate in 1888 and was included within the boundaries of New Zealand in 1901 until 1965 when it was granted autonomy by Wellington.Cook Islands is a popular South Pacific destination due to its stunning turquoise lagoons, spectacular reefs and tropical rainforests and lush mountains.A popular activity for tourists is visiting the Rimarau Burial Caves, which according to legend, house the skulls and bones of warriors killed in battle.. replica designer backpacks

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