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I really happy about this milestone because I was always afraid this game might be unfinishable because of the gx series umd recognitio. And you know I have some sort of OCD concerning games I hate to think you might be unable to finish them because of a bug or some multiplayer/ game recognition crap that makes you unable to 100% the game.Do you still play any yu gi oh games? Do you know if Tag force GX has the god cards?meidiocrelass 8 points submitted 2 months agoMaybe, maybe, one of the reasons why Terajima sensei switched Sawamura out is so that there could be focus on the other players. That way we see how they improved and Sawamura can see (again) from outside the field that he has capable teammates, that he shouldn canada goose outlet locations unnecessarily burden himself where do uk canada geese go in winter with pressure because he can trust the others.

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