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If you think that GOT deserves the 2nd or even the 1st place then so be it. But it just not consistent cheap canada goose or well written enough for me to agree with that assertion. So why shouldn I be allowed to state my opinion? Because this is a GOT sub and I am not allowed to do anything but praise the show?.

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The finals were a thing of beauty, 300 million live viewers thanks to the Tyler1 hosting the finals whilst simultaneously subbing in game 3.Not only did 100T win 50 million dollars, they aslo recieved 10k due to Tyler1 winning the finals, whereas Moe lost in quarters to Vici gaming. Too bad Moe was unable to personally hand out the money to 100T, he was eaten by a dragon that flew rampant around the arena. The final show canada goose outlet mississauga was the best, with Markz, Crumbs and Dash debuting the new KDA song and dancing in front of 2 million people and three judges from America got Talent.