The World is large, and PCs from one region have traveled to other regions, but this is an arduous trip that very few people make. So, an interpreter is a good idea. It also leaves me some wiggle room for misunderstandings to crop up even in a small village that is reachable from a large city in which the PCs will find many speakers of Common (or one of the other major languages)..

Every now and then if I feel like the diapers smell really bad I’ll add bleach to the first wash, which will go to these guys kill any bacteria.Even if you have a ton of diapers you need to wash every three days to best fend off stink. I just wash when my laundry basket is full, which is about every other day with two kids.Basically washing diapers goes:1. Quick cycle with extra rinse, cold water, line 2 Tide.2.

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