JRTs are usually around 8 kilos. This one weighed 21 kilos. The director (who is a vet) didn even let him go through intake. For example, Wall street and downtown Manhattan? Atlantic terminal and change to the R, 2,3,4 or 5 trains. But, it really depends on your final destination in Brooklyn. Williamsburg or Bushwick you might be better going to Penn then taking the subway to 14th street and transferring to the L line.

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For christ sake, they put Odesza (who had one of the most visually stunning light and video shows of the year) during the early evening prior to the headliner. Undercard for OSL is okay this year, but nothing really eye catching or something that I would consider a “must see” outside of Bob Moses and a few others. I think OSL really did a disservice this year as traditionally their undercard is stacked and the headliners kind of leave you scratching your head.