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Honestly, because there Canada Goose Jackets are black people that are nervous around other black people based on past experiences or just societally created preconceived notions about what “blacker” black people are like. So I can see where a white guy is coming from if he says I’m scared of black people because I have been robbed a number of times by black people. I think the reaponse is resonable, if tactless, because the guy makes a point that those black people who commited a crime are not a representation of all black people.

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It’s was an amazing feeling. I forgot how awesome, and relieving it really is. I text my sister I was so excited. “Nutgate” was a cruel and dangerous game played by Cindy Watts. AND based upon Cindy TV interviews and Cindy performance at Chris sentencing Cindy Watts didn give a cold shit about Cece OR Bella. Your way isn other people way.

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