My MC had just banged Zevran for the first time and you could just see Alistair awkwardly standing at the edge of the screen for their post act conversation. There’s a wonderful event in the game that you can easily miss on any given play through that shows what’s so impressive about the chaos system. In the second level, two healthy overseers put down a third plagued overseer, but the circumstances change drastically based on how murderous you’ve been.

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I promise. It horrible beyond beliefe. Imagine being on bed all of the day. A couple things gave me pause, which is always good. A guest brings up an interesting study with fascinating conclusions and Rogan first instinct is to try to poke holes in the study did they account for this, did they account for that?The first thing researchers do when devising a study (especially a cross sectional one like, like the one Junger mentioned) is try to think of every possible element that might mislead them or skew the results and then institute controls for those elements, your first fucking thought isn going to be it Joe. Though I don know if he said sometimes about his depression theory, in which case he just doesn realize they are many many underlying causes of depression, each with their own prognosis.

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