What did the small four cm and 2 g of light Etruscan shrew with the 33-meter and 140-ton blue whale have in normal? Correct, they’re among the vertebrates. Just like humans, the robin, the sand lizard, the salamander or the eel. but how is it that so diverse animals belong to a group? The production shows how could arise from a typical ancestor of all these numerous sorts. Furthermore to film and sequences spreadsheets, graphics along with other teaching components are offered.

Objectives: associated to curriculum and educational standards, the students – have an overview from the history of life on Earth; – deepen their understanding of biological fundamental ideas and practice their application; – can differ primarily based on distinctive traits vertebrate classes; – comprehend significant relationships involving physique and life in vertebrates; – in a position to know the basis of straightforward options as relatives of vertebrates; – Learn the basis of obtainable proof to draw conclusions in regards to the evolutionary course of action to draw; – the species in biological criteria are to become sentence paraphrasing arranged in a position to diversity; – structure visualized content and texts within the operating materials; – Find out to make use of tables to organize information; – develop clear important messages from bigger contexts; – full the way of biological knowledge discovery from the proof for the theory; – are due to cumulative understanding processes to enable to classify new phenomena themselves; – recognize the uniqueness of http://www.dent.umich.edu/about-school/career-opportunities every living being; – study applying basic experiments to gain understanding or verify; – practice in media literacy; – practice in person and partner perform; – practice presentation abilities in front of your class; – Learn to work diligently to improve their mastering achievement


Production Features: DVD aspect 1 film, six sequences three menus https://www.rephrase.org/ 12 graphics; DVD-ROM element: 7 worksheets Word, 1 classroom use, 12 graphics, 1 Movie Assessment / Film text, 1 plan structure, 1 booklet, 7 PDF worksheets to fill out.Technical requirements: A present web browser has to be installed.Info: Media Kind: Didactic FWU DVD addressees Recommendation: Common secondary college 5th-8th Class Production year: 2015 Public functionality rights: Yes This medium includes no music Language: German Operating time: 22 min f.Fields: Biology – General Biology – Evolutionary Biology – Zoology – General Zoology – shape and creating biology – Zoology – General Zoology – Reproductive and Developmental Biology – Zoology – General Zoology – Metabolic Biology – Zoology – Vertebrates – Fish Biology – Zoology – Vertebrates – Anura Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – reptiles Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – birds Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – mammals Biology – Ecology – biodiversity, biodiversity.Keyword phrases: Anatomy (animal); Respiratory; Blood circulation; Evolution; Spring (feathers); Hide; Fishes; reproduction; Homology (biology); Fossil; Body temperature; Living fossil; Ecological niche; Coelacanth; Reconstruction (Animal); reptiles; mammals; dinosaurs; Metabolism; Variability; birds; spine; amphibians; Archäoperyx; Cynognathus; Hylonomus; Ichthyostega; Maniraptora; Model representation (biology); Mosaic forms; Pedigree (biology); Systematics (biology)