What did the modest 4 cm and 2 g of light Etruscan shrew with all the 33-meter and 140-ton blue whale have in standard? Appropriate, they’re amongst the vertebrates. Just paraphrase online articles like humans, the robin, https://calvin.edu/academics/departments-programs/english/academics/writing-at-calvin/good-writing/ the sand lizard, the salamander or the eel. but how is it that so distinctive animals belong to a group? The production shows how could arise from a common ancestor of all these different kinds. In addition to film and sequences spreadsheets, graphics and also other teaching supplies are obtainable.

Objectives: connected to curriculum and educational standards, the students – have an overview in the history of life on Earth; – deepen their understanding of biological standard concepts and practice their application; – can differ primarily based on special traits vertebrate classes; – fully grasp necessary relationships involving physique and life in vertebrates; – capable to know the basis of simple functions as relatives of vertebrates; – Find out the basis of attainable evidence to draw conclusions in regards to the evolutionary method to draw; – the species in biological criteria are to become arranged in a position to diversity; – structure visualized content and texts inside the functioning supplies; – Learn to make use of tables to organize data; – create clear key messages from bigger contexts; – comprehensive the way of biological know-how discovery in the evidence for the theory; – are due to cumulative finding out processes to enable to classify new phenomena themselves; – recognize the uniqueness of just about every living being; – study working with basic experiments to obtain know-how or confirm; – practice in media literacy; – practice in person and partner function; – practice presentation capabilities in front from the class; – Study to perform diligently to improve their learning achievement


Production Attributes: DVD component 1 film, 6 sequences three menus 12 graphics; DVD-ROM aspect: 7 worksheets Word, 1 classroom use, 12 graphics, 1 Movie Review / Film text, one particular plan structure, one booklet, 7 PDF worksheets to fill out.Technical requirements: A current web browser has to be installed.Information and facts: Media Sort: Didactic FWU DVD addressees Recommendation: Common secondary college 5th-8th Class Production year: 2015 Public performance rights: Yes This medium consists of no music Language: German Operating time: 22 min f.Fields: Biology – Basic Biology – Evolutionary Biology – Zoology – General Zoology – shape and constructing biology – Zoology – General Zoology – Reproductive and Developmental Biology – Zoology – Common Zoology – Metabolic Biology – Zoology – Vertebrates – Fish Biology – Zoology – Vertebrates – Anura Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – reptiles Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – birds Biology – Zoology – vertebrates – mammals Biology – Ecology – biodiversity, biodiversity.Keywords and phrases: Anatomy (animal); /our-paraphrase-machine-services/ Respiratory; Blood circulation; Evolution; Spring (feathers); Hide; Fishes; reproduction; Homology (biology); Fossil; Physique temperature; Living fossil; Ecological niche; Coelacanth; Reconstruction (Animal); reptiles; mammals; dinosaurs; Metabolism; Variability; birds; spine; amphibians; Archäoperyx; Cynognathus; Hylonomus; Ichthyostega; Maniraptora; Model representation (biology); Mosaic forms; Pedigree (biology); Systematics (biology)